The Narrative Directory is a tool for activists, civic innovators, independent storytellers, journalists, researchers and funders to locate one another, exchange knowledge and see the bigger picture of the global impact storytelling and narrative change ecosystem. By sharing resources openly with each other, we’re better able to make connections, seed collaborations and build shared narrative power.

The Directory is hosted and curated by IRIS (International Resource for Impact and Storytelling)—a funder collaborative devoted to ensuring the field of narrative change becomes influential, widely accepted and generously supported.

We are currently in-beta. We welcome your questions as well as your feedback on how to improve the usability of this tool and its dataset.

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Submission Criteria

Who is included?

The Narrative Directory aims to include a wide range of entities who see impact storytelling and narrative change in the service of social justice, as central to their work. If this is you, please submit your details for inclusion in the Directory. Currently, IRIS staff reviews each entry before posting to ensure its accuracy and alignment with the Directory’s purpose. 

Who is not included?

The Narrative Directory is not a listing of content creators or media production companies, unless they are aligned with and working on impact storytelling and narrative change strategies in the service of social justice.

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